F.A.Q. — Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you take my online class from my home country? I have IP check enabled

Hi, We can take your online class for you from your home country as well. However, in case you are in some remote location where we do not have an online course helper, we rely on secure VPN services that cannot be detected by the university proxy checkers.

2. Can you take my online exam for me? 

Yes, we have a wide range of services where one of the services takes my online exam for me. We cannot take physical exams, but online exams for you. All you need to do is share questions with us or let us be online to take the exam.

3. What is the price for taking an online class for me?

The price of online class help depends on the coursework and the university you are enrolled with. However, a typical price range for a six to eight-week online course can vary from $400 to $800, however, we can only provide a final price once we see the requirements of your online class. We take an online class for cheap, so don't worry about the price. 

4. Is it legit for you to take my online class for me?

It all depends on how you utilize our services. Obviously, outsourcing your class is not legit as you are asking someone else to take your classes and you are willing to make payment for the same. Hence, we recommend you to use our online solutions for your class as a reference and come up with your engagement in discussions and make your own quizzes.

5. What is the guarantee of grade if I pay for my online class to your class helper?

We ensure that you either score a higher side of B or A on your class. Before we take your online class for you we talk about the plan for submissions of your online assignments in a timely manner and keep in touch with you throughout the process.